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Re: Occupy North Park- Action at the BofA! 1pm Tuesday


This is all great! No matter how or when people take their money away from big banks the ultimate point is to get on it!

I would suggest however for a future action that we take pieces from everyone in this thread and get input from other sources as well to come up with a flyer or some other form of communication to hand to those we are talking to at banks and just to leave around 'town'. I would assume there are other similar actions in other cities that would have helpful advice. We could list some facts with sources and instructions (such as was begun above) for people to use as a guide in their own action. I think this is an excellent action that a multitude of people can participate in and is directly in line with what many want to accomplish along the lines of occupying wall street (in lower case on purpose).

I am not able to spearhead something of this nature at present but am happy to help whoever feels as though they can take it on. I know there is at least one other action taking place that I saw on FB (Bank Transfer Day Nov. 5th), perhaps it would make the most sense to 'partner' with these folks and others?

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