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Re: Occupy North Park- Action at the BofA! 1pm Tuesday

Rocky Neptun

For many years I have had an business account with Bank of America, which makes managing my two small businesses on both sides of the border (landscaping in San Diego, Internet Cafe in Tijuana) a lot easier. They really pamper business accounts.

I have justified this by only keeping enough funds for operating needs, while all my savings are held at Self-Help Credit Union, which makes 100% of its loans to low-income and people of color borrowers.

I will transfer my business account soon, but I would hope that all of us BofA fools get together on a certain day, say in December or the first open day of the New Year, and quit funding this monster of greed and exploitation en masse. This would be far more effective than just us individuals doing it one by one, so only the clerk or, perhaps, the manager, knows what's going on.

We could flyer in front of the bank for weeks and e-mail all our friends to join us on the designated day. That would give us time to prepare for an effective "rush" on the bank. What do you think? Someone willing to take this on?

Rocky Neptun

p.s. The North Park branch of BofA is my bank and I have several friends who work there; some of which may be let go in BofA's announced slashing of 30,000 jobs to stash more millions in the hands of CEO's and Wall Street gamblers.

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