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All of the observations below can be substantiated by independent research. How long can the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma be maintained in the face of so many scientific cracks?

Top 100 Observations Incompatible With The HIV-AIDS Construct

by John Kirkham

All of the observations below can be substantiated by independent research. How long can the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma be maintained in the face of so many scientific cracks?

1. AIDS occurs in the absense of HIV (65, 87), a new medical definition (Idiopathic CD4+ T-cell lymphocytopenia) was therefore created.
2. HIV does not satisfy Koch's postulates, the criteria that must be met in order to prove that a microbe causes a disease (90)
3. Anti-HIV drugs, including protease inhibitors, destroy T-cells (4- 10)
4. Septrin (also called Septra, Bactrim, Co-trimoxazole) and anti-HIV drugs destroy mitochondria (11,12)
5. The PCP (Pneumocystis Carinii pneumonia) fungus becomes resistant to Septrin (12)
6. Recreational drugs (heroin, poppers, crystal met, ecstasy, cocaine) reduce CD4 cell numbers (13-18, 58, 66-68)
7. HIV positive patients recover after they stop taking drugs (58)
8. Recreational drugs cause AIDS-defining diseases (see table 7 of 58)
9. Anti-HIV drugs cause AIDS-defining diseases (58)
10. Anti-HIV drugs inhibit human enzymes (11)
11. HIV positive Africans in dire poverty in Uganda and no access to anti-HIV drugs lived as long as HIV positives in the West who took anti-HIV drugs (33)
12. There are no comparative studies of survival in HIV negatives and combo-free HIV positive heterosexuals with no other risk factors.
13. Only 38% of healthy long-term positives had ever used AZT or other nuleoside analogs compared with 94% of progressors (80)
14. Decreases in AIDS cases preceded the introduction of new drug treatments (Dec 1995) by three full years (see fig. 6 of 106)
15. Anti-HIV drugs have anti-microbial effects (49, 50, 10)
16. The introduction of AZT did not cause a decline in the AIDS death rate (105)
17. In the only long term trial of AZT (The Concorde study) 172 participants died, 169 while taking AZT, 3 while on placebo (51)
18. Nucleoside analog drugs suppress/destroy the bone marrow where all immune system cells are born (26, 32, 111)
19. HIV+ children born to AZT treated mothers had a higher probability of developing severe disease or severe immunsuppression (53)
20. “Drug holidays” recover immune responses.
21. AZT caused the same transient increase in CD4 count in HIV negatives as in HIV positives (55)
22. There are no controlled studies showing that AIDS occurs in the absense of all other possible non-HIV causal factors.
23. Long-living, healthy, drug-free HIV positives are mostly ignored by AIDS researchers.
24. Apart from the early (fraudulent) AZT studies and the Concorde study no efficacy studies compare drugs with placebo.
25. There are well documented, non-HIV causes for every AIDS disease.
26. The incidence of AIDS-defining diseases among Western non-drug users has not been shown to exceed national backgrounds (58)
27. Early AIDS coincided with the cumulative effects of unprecedented, intense use of volatile nitrite (poppers) as a aphrodisiac marketed almost exclusively to homosexuals (102)
28. AIDS can be treated effectively without anti-HIV drugs (39-42, 112)
29. On average viral load overestimates infectious HIV by a factor of 60,000 (21)
30. Even a PCR method that can detect 1 infected cell in 100000 found very little HIV DNA in HIV positives (23)
31. HIV could not be cultured from people with a detectable viral load (19, 21)
32. HIV has never been properly isolated (20)
33. After many billions of dollars of research effort over 20 years, HIV scientists still cannot explain how HIV causes AIDS.
34. After many billions of dollars of research effort over 20 years there is no vaccine and no cure, there are only toxic drugs.
35. There was no increase in HIV seroprevalence outside risk groups in the UK despite record STD rates and teenage pregnancy rates (25)
36. HIV DNA was found to be constant from the time of seroconversion but CD4 count continually went down (29)
37. CD4 count goes down and viral load goes up while on the anti-HIV drugs.
38. AZT is hardly triphosphorylated by the body so it cannot possibly have an anti-HIV effect (30)
39. AZT has no effect on HIV DNA but makes viral load (HIV RNA) go down (31)
40. Research throughout the 1970s showed that retroviruses do not kill cells.
41. The probability of heterosexual transmission of HIV was found to be very low (1 in a 1000) (34)
42. HIV antibody tests can give repeated false positives and seroreversions can occur (114-122)
43. HIV tests are sensitive to non-specific antibody binding
44. HIV tests involve an arbitrary dilution factor, everyone tests positive (because of non-specific antibody binding) if their serum is undiluted (104)
45. All the proteins used in the HIV test are associated with retroviral genes that are found naturally (endogenous) in all humans (72)
46. Endogenous retroviruses can generate immune responses in humans (73, 74)
47. None of the HIV proteins tested for have been proven to belong to HIV (75)
48. There are over 60 different conditions, including pregnancy, that have been known to generate false positives on the HIV test (91)
49. The Elisa, Western Blot and PCR tests for HIV all carry disclaimers nullifying their detection of HIV.
50. The criteria for HIV-positivity used in the antibody tests varies between countries and between organisations within a country and can produce indeterminate (neither positive or negative) results (75, 109) The Western Blot HIV test, widely regarded as the most accurate, is not used in England and Wales because it is regarded as inaccurate.
51. The viral load PCR primers were found to be non-specific for “HIV” genetic sequences (35)
52. The viral load test gives false negatives (36)
53. The viral load test gives false positives (36, 113)
54. The viral load test has low reproducibility (36-38)
55. Direct measurements showed no correlation between viral load and CD4 count (43)
56. Many conditions cause reduced CD4 counts (86)
57. CD4 counts between 200 and 300 have been observed in healthy HIV negatives (87)
58. There are no studies comparing CD4 cell variations in combo-free HIV positives (with no risk factors) and HIV negatives.
59. According to the AIDS establishment, a heterosexual AIDS “epidemic” of African origin started off in the West as a homosexual “epidemic.”
60. In 1985 HIV incidence in Southern Africa was confined to homosexuals who had been to the US and those who had had sex with them (88, 89).
61. The USA was found to be the world's most sexually promiscuous nation (27)
62. Condoms (made from polyisoprene) have holes in much larger than HIV (28, 110)
63. Reducing STD incidence in Africa did not reduce the rate of HIV seroconversion* (101)
64. Only a minute proportion of Africans have actually been tested for HIV, seroprevalence estimates are derived from extrapolations based on unrepresentative samples from maternity clinics. (123)
65. In Africa a single positive ELISA test or even a single “rapid” (saliva/urine) test is considered proof of HIV infection, “proof” in the developed world requires a series of tests.
66. HIV seroprevalence was found to be much lower in South African prisons than in the general population (1)
67. The vast majority of African “AIDS patients” tested HIV negative (44, 45)
68. In “AIDS ravaged” Zambia since 1980 the population has increased and even the rate of increase in population has increased! (46)
69. In “AIDS ravaged” South Africa many coffin makers are either doing a slack trade or have gone out of business (47)
70. The total number of AIDS cases in Africa consists almost entirely of estimated cases rather than known, registered cases (54)
71. PCP is the typical AIDS defining disease in Western adults but it is almost entirely confined to young children in Africa (2,3)
72. There is no Western heterosexual AIDS epidemic.
73. IVDUs who consistently used a clean needle exchange program were 10.2 to 22.9 times MORE likely to test HIV positive than non-users (48)
74. Non-human primates “progress” to AIDS (SAIDS) much quicker than humans do (107)
75. SIV does not cause SAIDS in wild primate populations (108)
76. SIV seroprevalence is too low in wild primate populations to account for SIV resistance in these populations (22)
77. SIV seroprevalence in captive SIV na?e primate populations was found to be very low (22)
78. Until the early 1930s many thousands of European men received transplants from chimpanzees and did not get AIDS (62)
79. Uganda study showed HIV-positivity did not indicate a new cause of disease, only decreased mortality in HIV negatives (52)
80. One thousand medical staff a year accidentally contract hepatitis from needles yet by 1998 there were no documented cases of surgeons or emergency medical technicians/paramedics getting AIDS, or even HIV, from occupational exposure (58, Table 16 of 106)
81. All AIDS patients have lowered levels of glutathione, the major water soluble intracellular antioxidant (59, 60)
82. The antioxidant N-acetyl cysteine inhibits “HIV replication” (61)
83. Reactive oxygen species are implicated in the induction of HIV expression and cell death (40)
84. Treatment with oxidising, mitogenic*** agents is necessary for HIV “isolation” from cell culture (56, 57)
85. Rectally deposited sperm can be immunosuppressive, mitogenic, oxidising and a stimulator of antigen production (94-100)
86. Low T-cell counts were shown to occur before HIV seroconversion and to predict seroconversion (92, 93)
87. HIV-like genetic sequences have been found in the HIV negative human genome (63)
88. Epitopes** of HIV regulatory proteins tat, rev and nef are expressed in normal human tissue (71, 116)
89. Toxic intracellular stresses can create novel genetic sequences (64)
90. HIV showed over 40% variation in an essential gene (protease) sequence (103)
91. Foreign protein transfusions were found to be immune suppressive (79, 81, 84, 85)
92. Hemophiliacs can have hypergammaglobulinaemia which can cause false HIV positive test results (69)
93. Up to 99.9% of HIV genomes in plasma may be defective (70)
94. Mortality in hemophiliacs began to increase in exactly the same year they began taking AZT (81, 82)
95. The AIDS risk of hemophiliacs on AZT was 4.5 times higher, and mortality 2.4 times higher, than untreated controls (83)
96. Infectious HIV (a delicate virus) does not survive the Factor VIII preparation process (76-78)
97. HIV theorists have made incorrect predictions throughout the HIV era.
98. Corticosteroids and endogenous cortisol suppress cellular immune responses and cortisol destroys immature T-cells (24)
99. Effective cellular immunity relies upon nitric oxide gas defence, see for example Eur. J. Immunol. 2002, 32(5):1455-63
100. AIDS spreads non-exponentially, unlike infectious disease (58)


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give me a break

21.04.2003 20:05

Many of these statements are generalizations, others are meaningless, and I doubt highly whoever posted this even understands much of it.

Id corticosteroids and endogenous cortisol suppress cellular immune responses and cortisol destroys immature T-cells how is that incompatible with HIV causing AIDS?


Yes, I do understand it

22.04.2003 09:27

The referenced comment below is based on the work of Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati (summarized in his book "Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS"). As a trained toxicologist he has deduced that many of the symptoms associated with "AIDS" are caused by the overprescription of steroid drugs that form chemicals called glucocorticoids in the body. He argues that similar symptoms in African and other Third World "AIDS" patients are from the natural formation of glucocorticoids in the body of a person who is chronically malnourished.

The fact is that no one has ever demonstrated an "AIDS" symptom or associated disease that is unique to "HIV-positive" people, and until that happens the far more logical and likely conclusion is that "HIV-positive" people get these diseases and symptoms for the same reasons "HIV-negative" people do and therefore HIV (whatever it may be) has nothing to do with their health problems.

Mark Gabrish Conlan
[article.email.prefix]: mgconlan@earthlink.net

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