The Eagle and The Condor Reunited by Peace and Dignity Journey Runners in the Kuna Nation

Runners from the Northern and Southern routes of the Peace and Dignity Journey, a sacred journey starting in Tierra del Fuego and Alaska and traveling on foot thousands of kilometers through hundreds of indigenous communities, met Friday on a bridge crossing the Panama Canal in the Kuna Nation.

Peace and Dignity Journey... Touches the Klamath Tribes

Spiritual runners in the Peace and Dignity Journey came to Chiloquin, Oregon on saturday, June 28th, 2008, where they was met by native runners, Eleanor "Pinky" Delaney, her son Robert, and his son, Jared Delaney. Tribal Elder, Pinky Delaney honored her tribe by accepting the spiritual staff and carrying it thru Chiloquin, where the runners stayed and were hosted by the Klamath Tribes Health Education department manager, Christa Runnels, Norma Cummings and Billy and Taylor David

Yupaichani Mamas and Taitas (Oscar 2008)

The southern route is still running hard through Ecuador, and in a few days we will cross into Columbia. I think most of us are still in awe from everything we have had the honor to experience here in this country.

Peace and Dignity Journey 2012

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