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About PDJ

“Peace and Dignity Journeys” is an Indigenous First Nation organization that invites the participation of native and non-native individuals who are strongly committed to the preservation of Native American culture. We wish to extend a special invitation to all Elders and Spiritual Leaders in hope of making this run a strong prayer.

In 1990, over 200 representatives of Indigenous nations from throughout the western hemisphere met for the first time in Quito, Ecuador. There, they witnessed the unfolding prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. The inspiration of spiritual running to re-unite the nations of turtle island surfaced from the elders. Elders from North, Central and South America remember and talk about a prophecy that foretold how we will come together and reunite as one… “we are like a body that was broken up into pieces and this body will come back together to be whole again.”. Peace & Dignity Journeys became part of the realization. Through Peace & Dignity Journeys, numerous and diverse indigenous nations reunite and reclaim dignity for their families and communities.

In 1992 the first Peace & Dignity Journey was completed. It continued again in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008, where the people involved realized that Peace & Dignity Journeys was a powerful form of prayer that was beginning to unite and heal their nations. Peace & Dignity Journeys’ purpose is to attain the following goals amongst first nations of the North and South American continents, that which is known to be the unification of the Eagle and the Condor.

1. Initiating spiritual runs as a prayer to heal our nations.

2. Honoring our Ancestors, Elders, Children, Medicine Peoples
Heroes, Leaders, Future Generations, and all those who are in
the Spirit world.

3. Reinforcing unity among all first indigenous nations from
North, Central, and South America.

4. Recognize over 500 years of strength and survival of
Indigenous people’s self determination to preserve language,
culture, and spirituality.

5. Informing the world of our desire for a peaceful
coexistence with the four sacred colors of the world.

6. Making people aware of the sacredness and delicate
balance of nature and the environment.

7. Honoring our Ancestors and Elders for their skills in
administration, healing, knowledge of herbal medicine,
animal husbandry, agriculture, and for sharing their
knowledge with the younger generations.

8. Promoting a cultural exchange between First Nations,
where languages, art, dance, music, and ceremonies can
be shared and respected.

With each passing, Peace & Dignity Journeys makes an open invitation to runners from across the continent. Youth, elders, men, and women are all invited to participate as runners. Both native and non-native people who are committed to the preservation of Native American culture are encouraged to participate. Runners may commit to run for as little as one day or the entire duration of the journey. Runners represent their nations and communities and are expected to carry themselves in a proper manner. Since the run is a sacred ceremony, runners must abstain from drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity while on the journey. If you are interested in participating as a runner, contact the appropriate regional coordinator as soon as possible.



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