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Peace & Dignity Journeys is a run dedicated to healing our nations. The Journey strives to bring the sacred staffs to as many Native communities as possible. Communities, be they on reservations or in cities, have many opportunities to participate in the run.

Peace & Dignity Journeys takes place every four years. To prepare for 2012, individuals and communities can help in a variety of ways such as;

• Native advisors with a knowledge of regional matters.

• Medicinal people knowledgeable in fields such as internal medicine, podiatry, chiropractics, and massage therapy.

• Local organizers of layover.

• Highly qualified mechanics.

• Support personnel at layover locations.

• Contributors of funds and vehicles.

• Individuals joining the run for a long period of time need to fundraise.

• Communities fundraise to host runners.

• Anyone can fundraise and donate to the general fund.

Many communities organize tributary routes that join up with one of the main Peace & Dignity Routes. In this manner, prayers of those communities join their prayers and energies within the run. If your community would like to host the sacred staffs and the runners, or if you would like to organize a tributary run, please contact a regional organizer.



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