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2nd Annual Nome Cult Gathering, August 19-21

By Jerry - Posted on 01 September 2011

San Diego Region attended the Peace and Dignity Journeys meeting in Northern California at the 2nd Annual Nome Cult Gathering, August 19-21.

San Diego Region attended the Peace and Dignity Journeys meeting in Northern California at the 2nd Annual Nome Cult Gathering, August 19-21. The Gathering was hosted on Wailacki territory near Covelo at Hidden Oaks Park on the Round Valley Reservation. The meeting was for runners, organizers, and coordinators to discuss routes and other logistics in the regions throughout California, Oregon, and Washington State. Representatives from Canada were present as well as the notes and route proposals from the Arizona meeting. The organizers of the gathering encouraged us to stay for the whole duration, P&DJ meeting was held on Sunday afternoon, August 21.
P&DJ San Diego arrived Friday night and gathered with the community on Saturday morning in the freshly built arbor circle to offer a blessing and to pray with the staffs. Organizers were offered an opportunity to express gratitude to the community and to talk about their involvement in Peace and Dignity. Then throughout the day we enjoyed singing, dancing, and sock (pig cooked in the ground) as we spent time with the host family and with the community.
On Sunday a twelve-mile Prayer Run which circled the valley with the P&DJ staffs was set before the meeting. Community members and P&DJ runners gathered shortly after sunrise for blessings and invitations to go out and pray with the staffs. About twenty runners responded and ran through Covelo, through several residential areas on the reservation, alongside open fields, and along roads lined with bushes laden with sweet delightful ripening blackberries which they enjoyed. Along the route people came out to welcome, to thank, and to encourage the runners with offers of refreshments and greetings. The community was blessed. Shortly after noontime the run concluded back at the arbor with closing prayers and blessings. A large part of the community took part and acknowledged the prayers with staffs.
Then after lunch the P&DJ organizing meeting began. The SD runners were first on the agenda. SD agreed to organize from Anaheim south to Cahuilla territory, through the several reservations in San Diego county, then continue on into San Diego, and then eastward to the Manzanita reservation and finally on toward Yuma.
San Diego Peace and Dignity expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation to the people of Round Valley Reservation for hosting this meeting at their 2nd Annual Nome Cult Gathering. The people welcomed us with open hearts and shared their home as they accepted our prayers. Peace and Dignity continues to unite communities and help bring blessings across the continent. To take part is an honor. This is a continuing fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. Respectfully.




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