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Donate to Peace and Dignity Journeys

Donations of money and/or resources are always needed for Peace and Dignity Journeys. PDJ is looking specifically for donations of reliable vehicles that can be used for the run from Alaska to Panama. Vans, trucks or SUV's are preferred.

You can donate to Peace and Dignity Journeys 2012 in three ways:

(1) To donate funds or resources to your local community, please get in touch with the contact person for your community.

(2) To make a tax deductible donation to the overall journey via the Friends of Peace and Dignity Nonprofit, please contact Hector Cerda..

(3) To make an electronic donation, see below. Please be advised that donations made electronically are not tax deductible

Supporter of Peace & Dignity | $10 or selected amount
This gift is the common way for anyone to express their support to the journey.
Your gift will go towards the general fund to cover the greatest costs which include
fuel, food and vehicle maintenance.

Comfort a Runner | $20 or selected amount
Sponsor a sleeping bag, pair of shoes, camping gear and any other required items
for runners.

Connect the Communities | $35 or selected amount
This gift will provide enough fuel for one vehicle to transport runners and cargo between
two communities that participate in the journey. This gift is particularly helpful towards
communities in Mexico and Central America.

Feed the Runners | $50 or selected amount
Lend a hand to other organizers in feeding the runners as the journey arrives to their
community. Your gift will ensure that meals food will be provided to runners in communities
that can host runners but lack the funds necessary to feed them.

Maintenance a Vehicle | $100 or selected amount
Sponsor a van to receive a full tune up which may include oil and filter change. Other
maintenance requirements include occasional transmission and radiator flush which will
keep transport vehicles in their best condition.

Safeguard a Vehicle | $200 or selected amount
Sponsor a van to keep runners safe and secure with new tires and brakes. Your gift will
also help secure proper vehicle registration and insurance fees.



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