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Colorado Region

By Anonymous - Posted on 02 November 2011


I need to add Colorado as a Region. I did something yesterday on the website, but noticed it wasn't on there yet. Does it take a few days to post, go through approval, I am not sure. Can you help me out with this. My email is on the Contact list. Thanks.

Mark de la Cruz-Chavez

hello Mark:

many apologies for the delay, but the Colorado region has now been added. any posts that are tagged with the Colorado region will appear on the Colorado regional page, reachable through the link in the right column.

thanks for your patience and in solidarity, brad

hey Mark:

we are still working on getting the regional pages fully functional. we hope to have that done in a few weeks - look for the Colorado and other regional pages to be added soon, and the web site media group will be sending out instructions on how to make use of the regional pages shortly thereafter.

thanks for your patience with us - we are still learning some of the geeky stuff!

in solidarity, brad

Thank you for using our new Feature! --OPEN POSTING--

Please contact us (PDJ Tech) to request your Region added to the PDJ site.

Once your Region has been added all postings saved there are intended to announce your events and info specific to your region.

Regional Coordinators: If your announcement or info is for the general PDJ community, then under the Publishing option check 'Promote to front page'

We are now working to add the Colorado Region... Check back...

Let us know if you need any more assistance.



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