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Conference Call for Coordinators

By joeL - Posted on 15 December 2011

On Sunday November 20th a conference call was held with various Peace and Dignity Coordinators from throughout the continent.

Some very important information was shared. The 2012 Peace and Dignity Journeys will commence in the North on May 1, 2012. This year's journey is dedicated to Water. The journey will conclude on November 28th in Guatemala where the Ealge and Condor staffs will re-unite again. The northern part of the run will last 7 months and the average mileage per day will be approximately 35 miles.
There are 7 proposed routes for the North. Peace and Dignity is looking for experienced runners and coordinators to help organize each of the routes. Each route will cost approximately $5,000 per month just in fuel costs alone. Each local region is encouraged to do as much fundraising as they can in preparation for the run. Peace and Dignity is currently looking for a non-profit fiscal sponsor to manage the PDJ account and accept tax deductible donations.
Besides financial support, the local PDJ is looking for runners from the differnce indigenous nations and communities who can commit to run part or all of the way. If you are interested in running during the 2012 Journey please contact your local PDJ coordinator to learn more about preparation for runners. A four day ceremony will be held prior to the beginning of the Journey for runners and coordinators.
Final route information with specific dates and locations will be made available at the beginning of January. In the meantime local regions are highly encouraged to meet to discuss outreach, logistics and fundraising. A PDJ conference call number has been set up to help local coordinators communicate. Please feel free to use this number to organize a local conference call with your regional coordinators: (605) 562-3000 Access code: 1078215"




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