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Earlier this year San Diego City Council District 9's progressive Democrat Marti Emerald announced her intention to retire. About a dozen prospects threw their proverbial civic hats into the ring for head of D9, which includes City Heights, College Area, and surrounding neighborhoods.

One candidate, Sandra Galindo, is denouncing capitalism as a part of the the San Diego Socialist Campaign.

Galindo is following the path of Kshama Sawant, who in 2014 successfully won a city council seat in Seattle.

Photos: Ayotzinapa film screening


A full house crowded into the Digital Gym Cinema on August 26 for the San Diego premiere of the film Ayotzinapa: Crónica de un Crimen de Estado.

The documentary "reveals how the forced disappearance of 43 students and the murder of three others in Ayotzinapa was an organized crime of the state, and not an isolated incident." (

Proceeds from the screening benefit the families of Ayotzinapa.

Photos: Ayotzinapa documentary screening


Photos from the August 26 documentary premiere in San Diego at the digital gym cinema.

Ayotzinapa: Crónica de un Crimen de Estado is a "documentary that reveals how the forced disappearance of 43 students and the murder of three others in Ayotzinapa was an organized crime of the state, and not an isolated incident." (

2015 San Diego Food Forum

08/29/2015 9:00 am

DATE: Sat. August 29

TIME: 9am-12:45pm

LOCATION: San Diego City College, MS Building, Corporate Ed Auditorium

Learn about:

The San Diego food system
How Los Angeles and San Francisco are building healthy, local food systems through city policy and programs.
What you can do to improve the food system in your city!
Featured Guest Speakers:

Nan Sterman, Host of KPBS’ “A Growing Passion”
Hannah Shulman, City & County of San Francisco
Eli Zigas, SPUR, San Francisco
Clare Fox, Los Angeles Food Policy Council
Alina Bokde, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

Event Location: 
San Diego City College MS Building, Corporate Ed Auditorium, C Street and 16th Street San Diego, CA

Interfaith Forum on Climate Justice

09/24/2015 6:30 pm

Doors open 6:30 pm. Forum begins at 7 pm. Features panel of distinguished faith, labor, environmental and community leaders.

Event Location: 
St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral 2728 Sixth Ave, San Diego, California 92103

Dennis Childs on the History and Significance of Malcom X


On August 10, Dennis Childs (Professor of Literature, UCSD) spoke about the history and significance of Malcolm X at the San Diego Central Library History Talk for the 50th anniversary of the Autobiography of Malcolm X. A collaboration between Malcolm X and Alex Haley, the book tells the story of the life of human rights activist Malcolm X through a series of interviews that took place between 1963 and his assassination in 1965.

"Something about Malcolm that doesn't often get elucidated - that is his humor, his humerous tone. What kept people rivted for 4 and 5 hours on 7th Avenue and Lenox in Harlem? What kept them riveted? Now the establishment, the media establishment during that time would have had you thought that what kept them riveted was some sort of pseudo-scientific hatred of white people, which is just preposterous. Because what he often talked about was that there was a system, a structure of terror, that made it so, with the attrocities of slavery and neoslavery and Jim Crow apartheid, that something like a healing was taking place in those moments when he was speaking in front of Oscar Micheaux's bookstore on that corner, there was something like a healing involved. And being told by someone who they trusted, who was of them, of their community, that their life meant something. In other words, the Black Lives Matter movement is something that owes part of its lineage to the movements Malcolm X was a part of, either central or tangential to."

Video (110 minutes) - will download completely before playing || Event Announcement

11 meses!! Peleamos X UN MEXICO MEJOR!

08/26/2015 6:30 am

Este 26 se cumplen 11 meses de la desaparición forzada de los 43 hermanos de Ayotzinapa. Nosotras y nosotros no olvidamos y mucho menos perdonamos, eso está prohibido!
Unete pueblo, acompañanos a dar un grito mas, vamos a demostrarle a los estudiantes de Ayotzinapa que en San Diego no los olvidamos y que estamos en la lucha con ellas y ellos.
Esta manifestación la van a ver las y los compas de Ayotzi!

Si no has olvidado a los 43 te esperamos en el consulado. Vivos Se Los Llevaron, Vivos Los Queremos!!

Event Location: 
Consulado Mexicano 1549 India St, San Diego, California 92101

South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival

09/12/2015 12:00 pm

Great music on multiple stages, food, kayaking, children's activities, vendor/exhibitors, artists and more! LGBT* and allies are all invited to come celebrate diversity, equality and love. Http:// for more information


A Conversation about Wage Theft

08/29/2015 10:00 am

Wage theft is a systemic problem among low wage industries here in San Diego. In our latest report "Shorted," we found that 77% of the restaurant worker experienced wage theft in the last year.

Please join us on Saturday August 29th at 10:00am as the Center on Policy Initiatives, Speaker Toni Atkins, The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, MCTF, ICWJ, SEIU USWW, ACCE, ERC and the community have a conversation about wage theft, its effect on San Diego, and efforts to strengthen statewide laws specifically SB 588, the anti-wage theft bill.

Event Location: 
St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral 2728 Sixth Ave, San Diego, California 92103

#MillionStudentMarch UC San Diego (11/12 Action)

11/12/2015 12:00 pm


The #MillionStudentMarch demands three key things:
1 - Tuition-free public college
2 - Cancellation of all student debt
3 - $15/hr campus-wide minimum wage at every college in the country

None of these has happened. Even the $15/hr wage announced by President Napolitano doesn't cover any student jobs under 20 hours a week.

Event Location: 
UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

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