Ramsay Discusses Milloscope Development

Dirk Better

“This week‘s Armchair Hour talk has the issues of the state terrorism against local dissidents in the aftermath of the nuclear waste irregularity and the massive losses in bee populations found by harvesters.”

Breaking: Miller On Bakersfield Incident

Ben Epler

On the issue of the trailer of bomb-grade nuclear waste scheduled for military recycling which traffic controllers found abandoned at a Bakersfield refill stop last night, there is environmental crisis manager Winston Miller on the line.

I Never Called For “Community Control of the Police”

Steven Argue

Indybay Censorship, Sabotage, and Defamation
I Never Called For “Community Control of the Police”
By Steven Argue

El fin de la "maldición" del rentismo petrolero

Guayú De Falkón

......con el cuento chino del fin de la “maldición” del rentismo petrolero, evaden y desvían su responsabilidad ética, moral, política, administrativa y legal en la profunda crisis económica que está sumido el país producto del despilfarro, malversación, saqueo, fraude y estafa de una gigantesca cordillera montañosa de dólares, los cuales utilizados e invertidos con responsabilidad y ética, habrían convertido a Venezuela en la nueva Suiza por todo el siglo XXI.

No y no ¡No nos dejemos engañar..! la renta petrolera no es ninguna maldición. Malditos son todos aquellos y aquellas que desde hace casi 100 años se la han robado a mansalva y la han exportado, acumulado y “sembrado” en paraísos fiscales, bancos e inversiones en EE.UU. y Europa.

Es la hora de un pueblo con cojones y ovarios dispuesto a rescatar el saqueo de la renta petrolera

Guayü De Falkón

"El saqueo de la renta petrolera, punto de llegada de las élites depredadoras, es el punto de partida de una movilización nacional popular por el rescate del patrimonio nacional, la ética y la justicia. A construir las redes de denuncia, seguimiento, búsqueda y captura global de los responsables del saqueo a Venezuela y traerlos como reos al país desde cualquier lugar del mundo donde se escondan, refugien o los "asilen"."

El peo, como dice Gavazut

Donate to the Anti-Fascists Who Shut Down the KKK in Anaheim on Saturday!


On Saturday at a park in Anaheim, anti-fascists confronted and shut down a planned KKK rally. KKK members attacked the anti-fascists, stabbing three of them. The pigs arrested the anti-fascists for defending themselves and their community. They need your support for medical and legal costs.

Copwatch Santa Ana and Los Angeles Black Cross are coordinating the fundraising campaign. Help our compxs if you can!

from the fundrazr page:

from Copwatch Santa Ana

Struggle to Free Political Prisoner Orlando Watley

sd indymedia volunteers

(this article was also published at
Secwepemc Activist Fights for the Freedom of Chickasaw Political Prisoner Orlando Watley
brad werner and cristian garcia

“Orlando Watley's case is a case for freedom. It's a case to expose the injustice that is happening here in this country. The judicial system, the prison system that put our people away... He is caught up in that. And he is one-hundred percent innocent.”

The Freedom Struggle for Indigenous Political Prisoner Orlando Watley

sd indymedia volunteers

Orlando Watley, a Chickasaw Native from Corcoran, California, is a political prisoner with a life sentence at Calipatria State Prison in the Imperial Valley. He was charged and acquitted for one crime, a double armed robbery and double attempted murder, and then Riverside County tried to pin another crime on him, a triple homicide, because they were trying to clear unsolved cases by targeting Native Youth and People of Color. Despite being 100% innocent, Orlando was convicted based on falsified testimony and DNA evidence, and has been in prison for twenty-two years for crimes he didn't commit.

On November 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, San Diego Independent Media Center interviewed Kanahus Manuel from the Orlando Watley Innocence Project, which is working to reverse Orlando's conviction and secure his release. Kanahus, a Secwepemc womyn warrior based in so-called British Colombia, described Orlando's case, Orlando's life as an Indigenous political prisoner, Orlando's reunion with his Mother after eighteen years, the connection of Orlando's situation to colonial repression of Native peoples on stolen lands, and the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom for Orlando Watley.

Summary Interview of Kanahus Manuel (Video: 16 minutes) || Full Interview (Video: 32 minutes) || Selected Quotes from the Interview (with Photos) || Article: Secwepemc Activist Fights for the Freedom of Chickasaw Political Prisoner Orlando Watley

For more information, go to
To contact the Orlando Watley Innocence Project, write to: orlandowatleyinnocenceproject At
Donate via paypal to
orlandowatleyinnocenceproject At

Orlando Watley Innocence Project: Full Video Interview with Kanahus Manuel

sd indymedia volunteers

Full interview with Kanahus Manuel of the Orlando Watley Innocence Project. 32 minutes.

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